The Mind Alone Is Yours

We learned in the previous blog that our bodies are borrowed from God the Parent, and that we should use our bodies to help others and bring joy to others.  We are taught, however, that the mind belongs to us.  In the creation of human beings, God granted us the free use of our minds.  It can be conjectured that without the freedom to think and act on our own, we would be a world full of drones, which would not be interesting to God.  Watching people spiritedly interacting with one another of their own accord would surely raise the spirits of our Creator too; however, the free use of mind is a double-edged sword.

In the beginnings of Origin, God the Parent creating all the children of the world with pure souls.  However, over the countless millennia of our evolution and existence as human beings (remember, we have been reborn thousands upon thousands of times), our minds have become clouded with self-centered thinking.  So too, our souls have carried on the innen, or causality, of our previous lives.

In 1838, at the preordained time, God the Parent descended into the realm of human beings and, through the body of Oyasama, revealed the Truth of our creation and the purpose of our existence during the 50 years that she served as the Shrine of God.

Through Oyasama, we were taught that is us up to mankind to change our way of thinking from being preoccupied with thoughts that are only concerned with the self, to those that are concerned with helping and saving others.  By purifying our minds and bringing it closer to the intention of God, we open ourselves up to receiving more of God’s blessings.**

When we reach a level of spiritual understanding and maturity, we can say that we have been “saved.”  Thus, even though a certain physical disorder may linger, we have achieved salvation of the mind, because we are still able to live on joyously helping others and accepting a chronic illness as either Divine Guidance from God, or the manifestation of innen from our previous lives.

It’s not to say that every single person on earth needs to understand and practice the teachings as a precondition to abundant blessings to occur.  I believe that if we are able to achieve a certain critical mass of people, all living joyously and praying for the salvation of others, God will become spirited and bestow blessings.  This will raise the hopes and spirits of more and more people, and the cycle continues until we are all living the Joyous Life.

This can start with a core as small as our own household, then spread to our extended families, neighbors and friends; out to our communities; and eventually reach people throughout the island and beyond.

Skeptics and cynics may say that it is impossible for the 7 billion of people on earth to even peacefully coexist, let alone live together in mutual help of one another.  However, examples of this can be found around us, and you need not look further than your (borrowed) body!

A quick Google search turned up results that there are some 37.2 trillion cells in the average human body.  One website estimated the number to be up to 70 trillion, but for the sake of discussion let’s say there are 37 trillion.  That is still over 5,000 times the 7 billion people on earth.  Yet ALL of those cells work together with the common goal of keeping our bodies healthy and functioning properly.

This goes on every single day, in every one of our bodies.  The miraculous workings of God never cease to amaze me…37 trillion cells working together in unison and perfect harmony, day after day after day.  By this example, it should not seem as impossible then, for all of us in the world to work together for the sustenance of our own heavenly body, the earth on which we live.

So let’s all remember that our mind is our own and we are free to think and act in the manner of our choosing.  However, we should use it selflessly and spread this truth to others.

And to those who may feel that they have accumulated too much negative innen, or otherwise feel it may be “too late” for them to achieve the salvation of the mind, God urges us:

Whatever mind you may have had until now,
replace it, even in the span of a night!

If you truly replace the mind in its entirety,
Tsukihi (God) will accept it, too, at once.   (Ofudesaki XVII, 14-15)


** God the Parent is the Original Creator of mankind, and encompasses both paternal and maternal qualities.  In English, God the Parent is often referred to as “He” or “Him”, but it is not intended to imply that God is represented only by a male figure.  In my posts I try to avoid using gender specific pronouns when referring to God.

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