Daily Thanks – 2 of 30

Day 2: I’m thankful (and amazed) by how body temperature is kept at a constant 98.6 degrees. Though it may be colder or warmer outside where you live, the body automatically self-regulates. This is true for everyone in the world as we are ALL equal in the eyes of God the Parent. If our temperature drops just a few degrees, we fall into hypothermia, and if we run a fever of just a few degrees, we cannot get out of bed. Thank God (literally) to be kept at 98.6 all the time – we borrow an incredible body.
Similarly, the temperature of outer space is minus 455 degrees fahrenheit and the earth’s core is some 10,000 degrees. These are alarming extremes yet the surface of the earth is, and has always been, maintained at a consistent, livable, temperature. We are truly held in the loving embrace of our Parent.

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I am a fourth generation American of Japanese descent. My great-grandfather immigrated to Hawaii in 1907, and founded Taiheiyo Church in 1931. My grandfather became the 2nd head minister in 1956, and my father succeeded him as the 3rd head minister in 1981. On November 7, 2015, I was installed as the 4th head minister.

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