Daily Thanks – 7 of 30

I think it’s Day 7 of giving thanks: Of all the functions that go on in our bodies, most are out of our control; they go on automatically. This is because we borrow our bodies and are kept alive by our Creator.
I’m not a doctor or expert on physiology but when I think about it, it seems the only things we do consciously control are the movements of muscles and ligaments.
All the things we do with our body comes down to contracting & relaxing different muscles. Walking, standing, lying down & jumping uses large muscles. All the intricate things we can do with our hands uses smaller muscles. Still smaller muscles are used for eye movement, smiling, and swallowing food.
It’s amazing how fast the reaction time is between thinking of moving a part of the body and the actual movement. The body just does what the mind wants it to do.
But when we’re injured or sick, we may not be able to move our muscles & ligaments in the way we desire. This helps us realize that our bodies are not our own.
Therefore, let’s be thankful each day we are healthy and able to move our muscles about freely, like most of us are able to today.
And let’s pray for our friends and family who are battling illness or injury, so that they too can be restored to health & enjoy life to the fullest.

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I am a fourth generation American of Japanese descent. My great-grandfather immigrated to Hawaii in 1907, and founded Taiheiyo Church in 1931. My grandfather became the 2nd head minister in 1956, and my father succeeded him as the 3rd head minister in 1981. On November 7, 2015, I was installed as the 4th head minister.

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