Daily Thanks – 9 of 30

Today’s 9th Day of Thanks is credited to Dr. Kazuo Murakami, an internationally acclaimed geneticist who, in 1983, decoded the human enzyme renin, a mysterious factor behind hypertension. He as also authored a number of books on genes and the hidden potential that lies within.
All cells contain the genetic code, a blueprint for the entire body. But how does each cell know what it should become? A heart cell “knows” to form a heart versus a liver, eye, or hand. The genetic code in each cell’s DNA somehow determines how the body should form as it grows.
Aside from passing down characteristics from parent to child, genes are responsible for ensuring that we don’t turn into cows or pigs when eating beef or pork.
The complexity of the genetic code is too great to have been created randomly – it can only be explained as the workings of God the Parent.
Dr. Murakami says that humans only have 5% – 10% of our genes actively working. By unlocking the latent potential of the other 90% – 95%, there is no knowing what we are really capable of.  Also, genes are not constant; they can be activated or deactivated by different stimuli.
In order to “switch on” our good genes, we should keep the mind of happiness, gratitude, and help and pray for others.

On the other hand, stress, anger, hatred, fear, and depression results in “switching off” good genes and “switching on” bad genes that may result in illnesses and disease.
Let’s remember to be thankful for this wonderful body when we get up each day.
And for future parents, always keeping a positive and grateful mind will not only turn on your good genes, it will ensure those positive genes will be passed down to your children…create Genes for the Joyous Life!

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