Daily Thanks – 10 of 30

Day 10: When I was younger, maybe in high school, a minister was talking about how we was praying for someone suffering from constipation. Being aware of how uncomfortable and even painful it can be, he said from that time on every time he had a bowel movement he would immediately say “Thank You!” to God for the splendid blessings of waste removal.
That kind of stuck with me and, while I don’t say it out loud, I do give a silent word of thanks each day.
Although I’ve never had a problem being “regular,” on the last pilgrimage to Tenri (Japan), my daughter did not go for a week or longer. She would continue to eat & did not seem to be in pain, but as parents we were really worried. (She is autistic and has limited speech capabilities)
We administered healing prayers and ever tried laxatives with minimal success. Finally, on the 10th day she was able to go. What a relief!
Something so “normal” that we don’t even think about it, but whenever the body has the slightest dysfunction, we realize how important it is to give thanks for the blessings of health & daily working of God in our bodies.
Keeping our minds clear of “mental dusts” (e.g., greed, anger, hatred, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, grudge-bearing, and self-love) will help keep the daily blessings flowing.
In the case of constipation, letting go of any grudges you may be carrying on others will serve to symbolically “unblock” problems that have been piling up inside you…think about it.

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I am a fourth generation American of Japanese descent. My great-grandfather immigrated to Hawaii in 1907, and founded Taiheiyo Church in 1931. My grandfather became the 2nd head minister in 1956, and my father succeeded him as the 3rd head minister in 1981. On November 7, 2015, I was installed as the 4th head minister.

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