Daily Thanks – 11 of 30

How many of us know what the thyroid is, what it looks like, and where in the body it is located? Unless you’re smarter than a 5th grader, chances are you don’t know.
I didn’t know until I found out two friends of mine had developed thyroid cancer. I had to read up on it since I was administering healing prayers to them & wanted to know about their condition.
The thyroid is another essential part of the body that is pretty much unknown until a problem develops. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of the neck, below the Adam’s apple. It produces different types of hormones that control growth and regulate metabolism. These hormones are produced by synthesizing iodine.
If the thyroid produces too much hormones, it is called hyperthyroidism. Results can range from rapid heartbeats to an autoimmune disorder called Grave’s disease. If the thyroid produces too little, it’s called hypothyroidism, and is the leading cause of intellectual deficiency in iodine sufficient regions in the world.
So, on this Day 11, I’m am THANKFUL for the tiny but crucial thyroid, and the fact that it is working in perfect balance.
And about my friends? Well you’ll be happy to know that they both received treatment (thyroid cancer is the most treatable) and are now doing just fine.

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