Daily Thanks – 16 of 30

Day 16, and another quick question: What sets human beings (homo sapiens) apart from other species of the world? There are probably a lot of differences but if we had to pick one distinguishing factor, it would probably be our superior intelligence, i.e., our powerful brain.
The human brain is the the largest of all vertebrae, relative to its size. It is the most complex organ & acts as mission control for our bodies, receiving sensory signals from receptors all over our bodies and sending output to our muscles. Our brains are responsible for the continuous advances is science, industry, and technology.
Although our bodies are borrowed from God the Parent, God has given us free use of our minds – in other words, we cannot control the marvelous workings of our bodies, which I have been writing about the past few weeks, but we have pretty much full control over the way we think.
This is a crucial point is the creation of human beings. Without the free use of our brains (our thoughts, feelings, intellect) we would be a world full of robots, which would be no fun.
But the freedom to use our minds in the way we choose is a double edged sword. Over the course of our history, from the days of cavemen to the present, mankind has a tendency to use our minds, and thus act, in a self-centered manner. This gives rise to the type of greed, arrogance, anger, and hatred that is the root cause of so much suffering in the world.
If we understand that in this world we are all brothers & sisters of the same Parent, and that our Parent wants nothing more than to see the children living together joyously by mutually helping and respecting one another, would we see the amount of conflicts, fighting, wars, and violence that fills our news pages every day? Again I say that the root cause of all such “evils” is selfish or self-centered thinking; thinking only of one’s own benefit without thinking of others.
The great and promising thing about the brain is that we can completely change our thinking, even overnight, regardless of how we’ve been using our minds all this time.
I didn’t have a chance to research the scientific facts about the complex cerebral cortex, but let’s give thanks to God each day for our the free use of our minds, and fill our minds with the positive thoughts of kindness, generosity, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, humility, spiritedness, and of course, love.

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