Daily Thanks – 21 of 30

It’s Day 21, and I am thankful for waking up this morning, and being blessed with yet another day of life & good health. But the joy and vibrancy of life is also complemented by the solemnity of passing away.
Each one of us will eventually return our bodies to God, but even the cutting off of the breath of life is a divine working, even though no one really considers passing away as a “blessing.”
I will be officiating my first funeral service tomorrow for a dear family friend and long-time follower of the church.
While sadness fills our hearts for the void left by her departure, I am comforted by the thought that her soul is ever-living, and has now returned to the bosom of God the Parent, awaiting rebirth back into this world.
Death, you see, is just a part of the cycle of the natural order created by God. Just as we go the sleep every night to have our bodies recharged and wake up new energy each morning, so too, we someday return our bodies only to be reborn with new energy and life as beautiful babies.
We are taught that there is no afterworld; no judgement and no segregation of people whom God “loves” and “does not love.” God the Parent loves all the children of the world equally, just as parents, we love all our own children equally.
When we encounter a loss it is often said that “they are now in a better place,” but perhaps what we should be saying is “Thank you for sharing your joyous life with us. You will be dearly missed but, please come back soon!”

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I am a fourth generation American of Japanese descent. My great-grandfather immigrated to Hawaii in 1907, and founded Taiheiyo Church in 1931. My grandfather became the 2nd head minister in 1956, and my father succeeded him as the 3rd head minister in 1981. On November 7, 2015, I was installed as the 4th head minister.

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