Daily Thanks – 22 of 30

Yesterday at lunch, a friend told me that she recently had a painful bout with kidney stones that lasted three days.
She’s a mother of three, but said the stones were way more agonizing than giving birth due to the continuous excruciating pain, versus contractions which come & go. I’m thankful on Day 22 not to have experienced kidney stones (yet!)
I was happy to hear the story in the past tense & glad to see she was smiling & even laughing while telling the story, but it made me curious to research about the kidneys.
The kidneys play a vital role in filtering our blood. Rather than being one big filter, each kidney contains millions of tiny filtering devices and each day the pair of them filter 150 quarts of blood.
The purified blood goes back to the body & the waste products (ammonia) are sent to the bladder for elimination through urine.
What an efficient and tireless filter we have working inside us, 24/7, yet the kidneys don’t beat like a heart. It works silently but continuously, helping to keep us alive though we’re not even aware of it’s existence unless a kidney stone happens to exit into the urinary tract.
We learn that all pains & illness are not punishments but divine guidance; the care of God to signal our improper use of the mind, which alone we control.
Since the kidneys are the body’s filter, when something goes wrong, try reflecting on the way your thoughts and words are being filtered. Are you properly eliminating the bad (greed, arrogance, hatred, selfishness) and only passing along the pure & good to others?

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