Daily Thanks – 28 of 30

So it’s now Day 28; is there any part of the body for which I have missed being THANKFUL? Unknowingly, I may have saved the best for the ending part of this series – the liver. Even the name alone is symbolic because it’s an organ that we truly cannot “live” without!
I was astonished by the sheer number of functions that the liver performs – over 500 important functions, of which 200+ are performed simultaneously! Wow, that means I could go on for well over a year just being thankful for a different function performed by the liver each day.
I’ll spare you that, but some interesting facts I found: It’s the largest solid organ in your body (bigger than the brain) and 2nd largest overall next to the skin.
It’s the only organ that can regenerate itself, thus allowing people to donate a part of their liver to someone else.
It’s where all the blood in the body is created, and it also secretes the chemicals needed for blood to clot. It also creates its own protein because the amount we take in from food is not enough.
It’s a storage shed for sugars, vitamins, & nutrients, absorbing & releasing as needed for the body to function.
It fights off infections and, like the kidneys, filters toxins (including alcohol & drugs) out of our system.
The liver works so hard that at any given time, 10% of the body’s entire supply of blood can be found in the liver.
If the liver really performs 500+ functions then I’ve only scratched the surface here, but suffice it to say that it’s another miracle piece of efficient hardware that God the Parent has supplied us to sustain life so that we can live joyously.

Last year, I was praying for a friend who went on dialysis, and I made a personal vow to give up drinking until the end of 2016.  It’s been 14 months so far, and I have 12 months to go.
However, after reading about how important this organ is, I may just give up drinking altogether…we’ll see. In any case, let’s all take better care of our livers by making a New Years resolution to cut down on the amount of fatty foods and alcohol we consume.

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