Daily Thanks – 29 of 30

Merry Christmas everyone! My 29th Day of THANKS is in recognition of our many Christian brothers and sisters celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ today.
The miracle of giving birth to a baby is one of the greatest gifts that God the Parent has bestowed upon us. It is the culmination of the joining of mother and father, and the incredible development that occurs inside the womb.
In an earlier post I mentioned how human embryos start looking like fish, the same as any other animal on earth at that stage of development. We then begin to “evolve” into amphibious looking creatures, and continue passing through stages of change similar to other animals until the fetus takes on the shape that of a human. This “evolution” occurring inside the mother is symbolic of our own human evolution over the millions of years God took to raise us from the first couple to the human beings we are today.
So back to the miracle of birth: When the right time comes, mom’s body automatically goes through changes to accommodate the birth. The first is the onset of labor – this is where the cervix, which is normally closed, long, and firm to prevent infection, starts to relax and open up until fully dilated at 10cm.
The second stage of labor is where contractions get stronger and mom has the urge to push baby through the birth canal. Now mom get to meet baby for the first time and hold them.
We overjoyed that we brought new life into the world, really it is all thanks to the workings and nurturing of God.
There is a final stage of childbirth and that is the delivery of the placenta, which has housed and protected baby during pregnancy. It’s not the greatest looking thing but oh how so important and also part of God’s creation that is the female body.
I recognize that not all of us will have children but each of us have parents that brought us into this world, and we should be Thankful for having been given this precious life.  When we understand the reason why God created human beings, and the exhaustive efforts taken to sustain us by all the blessings I have been describing in my prior posts, we cannot help but feel a deep sense of gratitude when we wake each day. We will want to use our bodies to help others and bring happiness to others, as desired by our Parent.
When we recognize that this life on earth (not some afterworld or afterlife) is “the real deal” then we cherish each day and cherish each life. We respect each person and see them as our brother or sister. We are truly one world, one family!

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