Joyous Life in Paradise!

Aloha! Welcome to Tenrikyo Taiheiyo Church (“Tenrikyo Church of the Pacific”), located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This site was created to introduce newcomers to the faith, as well as to share local activities with followers around the world.

Tenrikyo literally means “Heaven’s Truth Teachings” but in English it is translated as Teachings of Divine Truth.

You will find that the teachings not only make sense but also offer a real promise for attainable salvation right here on earth, in this lifetime, no matter who you are or on what path you may have been traveling.

At a time when there is much fighting, suffering, and self-centered thinking in the world, Tenrikyo teaches the Truth about our real purpose for being put on this earth, and provides hope for a better tomorrow through the purification of our minds.

For anyone going through personal hardships or batting serious illness, the posts herein are must-reads. You will be guided on the path that not only saves you from your current troubles, but you will also discover the means for cutting off the ROOT cause of all diseases and conflicts, thereby opening up the passageway to everlasting happiness in this lifetime and the next.

I hope you find this site enlightening and inspiring.  Please bookmark and visit again.

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